Online support in study skills for international students at UCLAN

Paul James Reid


This article highlights the issue of study skills support for international students within the context of an MSc course at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK (UCLAN). It provides an overview of key aspects of international students’ study experiences, and analyses UCLAN’s, and other Universities’ attempts to accommodate the needs of students in this respect. It is a reflective piece of work which reports on the authors’ involvement in an internationally oriented study skills programme, and aims to present an empathic approach to students’ experiences of study in a new country.
A course-specific online study skills package is posited as a useful way of enhancing the academic success of international students prior to commencement of study in the UK. The article describes a piece of ‘action oriented research’ (Small 1995) which will assess the efficacy of such a package with respect to the MSc Applied Public Health at UCLAN.


Learning Enhancement; International students

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